Project Description

Description: Perforated bitumen-polymer membrane with reinforced glass tissue mat to use as an intermediate ply in partially bonded built-up waterproofing applications. Upper and lower faces are coated with adhesion-inhibiting polyetylene film.

Fields of application:

– Vapor control layer

– Venting sheet

– Spot-bonded waterproofing membrane is able to distribute the stresses caused by thermal expansion and
substrate settling more uniformly

– The spaces formed between Vetrofor membrane and the waterproofing ply relieve the vapor pressure that

builds up as trapped water evaporates

– Using Vetrofor under the waterproofing ply is essential when old roofing systems must be renewed and
rejuvenated without removing them

Rolls dimensions: 1m x 30m (height x lenght)

Rolls/pallet: 20

Holes diameter: 40mm