Project Description

Forever polymer bitumen membrane represent a new technical solution for all market and customers needs. With this new product line Vetroasfalto wants to face and solve problems related to the application of the membrane.
Forever is a complete answer to a wide number of requirements.

Forever is realized with a bitu-elastomeric compound that guarantees brilliant performances at any period of the year. It can be stored for medium-long period, avoiding any problems connected to the seasonal rotating.

The reinforcement used (stabilized non-woven polyester or glass fiber) guarantees a perfect dimensional stability of Forever while applicated and after.


• Nice and clean finishing (no mineral flouring, anti-adherent).

• Eliminates problems of adhesion while unrolling the membrane.

• Allows access to the waterproofing layer during its application even with high temperature.

• Allows a better operational stability for the user even if on sloped / inclined roofs.

• Helps the immediate application of protective bituminous paintings and increases their durability.

• Improves adhesion of the overlapping welding.

The high elasticity of Viapol Bravo HP facilitates its application even under bad weather conditions and ensure it’s durability.